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Slips And Falls In Nursing Homes

If you have a parent or other loved one in an assisted living facility, you rely on trained professionals to provide the care he or she needs. However, nursing homes and their employees sometimes act negligently, failing to take precautions that could keep residents safe.

This neglect often becomes apparent when a nursing home resident is hurt in a fall. Because the elderly are often more frail and less resilient than the general population, a simple fall can lead to debilitating injuries. A nursing home staff's failure to properly lift, assist or supervise patients can result in broken bones, tremendous pain and even death.

At Zwiebel and Fairbanks, LLP, we are the right lawyers for nursing home residents and their families who have been hurt because of avoidable slips, falls and drops in New York's Capital Region and Hudson Valley. Contact us at 877-ABCDLAW (222-3529) to learn more about the steps you can take if you are concerned about a loved one's safety.

When Does A Fall Or Drop Indicate Negligence?

As personal injury attorneys, we know as well as anyone that sometimes accidents happen. Even if nursing homes and their staff follow every safety regulation and take the utmost care with every patient, some injuries are unavoidable. But when signs point to negligence, it is important to hold the responsible person or business accountable to minimize the risk of harm in the future.

The best way to determine if you or your loved one has a claim for nursing home malpractice is to speak with a lawyer experienced in these claims. Our law firm frequently takes referrals from other attorneys who trust our reputation. In addition to being respected by our peers, we are proud to have a long roster of satisfied clients.

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