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Holding Product Manufacturers Accountable For Injuries To Consumers

  • Why does a power lawnmower have a housing unit that prevents it from rolling backwards?
  • Why does a circular saw have a safety brake?
  • Why do cars have rear door safety locks?
  • Why are printed safety warnings attached to so many of the mechanical products we buy?

The answers are because the manufacturers of these types of products have been sued for the injuries associated with placing defective tools and other dangerous products on the market or failing to properly warn consumers of the dangers associated with using them. When personal injury lawyers make it too costly for uncaring manufacturers to ignore the dangers to the public, corporate-thinking changes and product safety becomes a higher priority.

Still, too many manufacturers put dangerous products on the market without any concern for the well-being of the New York consumers who use them. These companies can and should be held accountable for the harm they cause, and the attorneys at Zwiebel and Fairbanks, LLP, are committed to doing so.

Fearlessly Taking On The Manufacturers Of Defective Products

We have extensive experience handling a broad range of product liability cases, and we have a long history of successfully suing negligent manufacturers. We have no fear about taking on businesses that put profits ahead of consumer safety. As a result, our clients have received large monetary awards and manufacturers have been forced to change their products. Some examples include soda bottle materials, heater control valves and stove designs.

We have successfully represented individuals hurt by products that were unnecessarily dangerous, including:

  • A 7-year-old child who was scalded by boiling water because the stove didn't have anti-tipping protection. The child suffered severe burns, and we were able to obtain a $1 million settlement for him.
  • We obtained $2.8 million for an 8-year-old child injured when leaking propane caused a stove to explode. The child's father had repeatedly complained to the gas company about gas odors prior to the explosion and nothing was done to find or correct the problem.

When you choose our firm, we will take every necessary step to ensure that you are treated fairly and that the manufacturer is made to answer for the harm it has caused. We conduct thorough investigations to uncover the evidence necessary to present a compelling case in support of your claim for damages. We file a claim as soon as possible to put the manufacturer on notice that we take your claim seriously and that they should do the same.

The Earlier You Get Us Involved, The More We Can Do To Help You

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If you, a friend or a loved one has been injured because a product did not work as advertised, warned of danger inherent in its use, had a manufacturing defect or contained an undisclosed dangerous material, please call us immediately. You can reach a representative of our firm 24/7. In the Kingston area, please call 845-338-0510. You can also reach us toll free at 877-ABCDLAW (222-3529) from anywhere in New York. You may also send us an email.