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Personal Injury

At Zwiebel and Fairbanks, LLP, in Kingston, representing the victims of serious injuries is what we do. Helping people whose lives have been affected by injuries is more than our law practice; it is our calling, and we take our clients' success extremely seriously.

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A Record Of Results On Behalf Of Injury Victims

Many personal injury attorneys start by negotiating with the opposition, then file a lawsuit only if they cannot reach a settlement. But we do things differently. We file a claim as soon as possible after completing our investigation, which puts us in the driver's seat of your injury case. This causes the responsible party and the insurance company to take your case seriously.

Filing suit does not necessarily mean that we will end up litigating your claim in court. It means that we put the responsible parties on notice. Insurance companies know which law firms will accept a weak settlement offer rather than go to trial. They also know that we are serious about pursuing every available dollar of compensation for our clients. We will not hesitate to try your case if it is in your best interests.

We are proud of our reputation as tough litigators and our history of favorable results for clients throughout New York state. We have secured hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of injury victims and their families.

People sometimes need help when they have been wronged by a big business, a hospital or even the government. When such help is needed, our clients have learned that they can turn to us for guidance and assistance, even for cases that are out of the ordinary. For example, our attorneys obtained an award of $750,000 against Orange County on behalf of the parents of a child who was wrongly removed from her home. The court determined that the negligence of the county resulted in a violation of the parents' constitutionally protected interest in the care and custody of their own child.

Make The Opposition Take Your Case Seriously

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Your legal claim is integral to your physical and financial recovery after a serious injury. We understand that your need for an attorney is not confined to business hours. We answer our phones day and night, and we are happy to meet with you at your convenience. We are committed to providing seasoned legal guidance when and where you need it most.

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