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  1. $3 Million Settlement

    Product Liability: 3rd degree burns sustained when an improperly designed stove tipped over on a young girl

  2. $5.5 Million

    jury verdict: in Saratoga County, the largest motor vehicle accident award in the county's history

  3. $2 Million Settlement

    to a baby and her parents after she suffered permanent kidney damage.

  4. $945,000 Settlement

    in Brooklyn: on behalf of an elderly man who suffered bed sores due to the negligence of both a hospital and a nursing home.

July 2016 Archives

What Are The Signs Of Senior Abuse And Neglect?

As such a large portion of our population enters their senior years, the need for care that is specifically designed to meet their needs is increasing. This means growth in the number of nursing homes and other care options such as home health care aides. As that type of health care business increases, there may be insufficient resources to ensure that all care options for your senior loved one have the skill, resources and commitment to be able to provide that care your senior loved one needs.