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  1. $3 Million Settlement

    Product Liability: 3rd degree burns sustained when an improperly designed stove tipped over on a young girl

  2. $5.5 Million

    jury verdict: in Saratoga County, the largest motor vehicle accident award in the county's history

  3. $2 Million Settlement

    to a baby and her parents after she suffered permanent kidney damage.

  4. $945,000 Settlement

    in Brooklyn: on behalf of an elderly man who suffered bed sores due to the negligence of both a hospital and a nursing home.

What Are The Signs Of Senior Abuse And Neglect?

As such a large portion of our population enters their senior years, the need for care that is specifically designed to meet their needs is increasing. This means growth in the number of nursing homes and other care options such as home health care aides. As that type of health care business increases, there may be insufficient resources to ensure that all care options for your senior loved one have the skill, resources and commitment to be able to provide that care your senior loved one needs.

The Responsibility To Ensure They Are Well Cared For May Fall On Your Shoulders

If you have a parent, grandparent or other senior loved one in a nursing home or he or she is receiving care at another type of facility or at home, you owe it them and yourself to take some basic steps to ensure his or her safety.

Even if the care is being provided by a relative or other person who is close to your senior loved one, do not assume neglect or abuse will not happen. Too often, the people closest to seniors in need of care are the ones perpetrating abuse and neglect.

Some basic steps you can take or things to check to protect a senior loved one include:

  • Visiting your senior loved one often to check in on them (irregular visits can be more helpful than regular planned visits)
  • Reviewing his or her physical condition (are there bedsores, bruises or other injuries?)
  • Checking his or her hygiene (is your loved one clean, hair combed, etc.)
  • Does the home or facility seem to be in order? Does it seem in a good state of repair?
  • Check for signs of malnutrition or dehydration (sudden weight loss, lethargy, incoherence, etc.)
  • Does your senior loved one have access to any health aids he or she may need such as a hearing aid, cane, walker or other devices?

If you have doubts about the quality of care your loved one is receiving, the first thing you need to do is determine the level of urgency the situation calls for. Untreated bedsores, bone fractures and other signs should call for immediate action to have your loved one removed to a more safe situation.

Trust your conscience. If you feel like something is wrong, you have a right to dig deeper and find out the truth about how your senior loved one is being cared for. The right team of attorneys can help you hold nursing home owners and other types of caregivers responsible for any harm they have caused.

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