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  1. $3 Million Settlement

    Product Liability: 3rd degree burns sustained when an improperly designed stove tipped over on a young girl

  2. $5.5 Million

    jury verdict: in Saratoga County, the largest motor vehicle accident award in the county's history

  3. $2 Million Settlement

    to a baby and her parents after she suffered permanent kidney damage.

  4. $945,000 Settlement

    in Brooklyn: on behalf of an elderly man who suffered bed sores due to the negligence of both a hospital and a nursing home.

Winter leads to serious risk of slip and fall injuries

Winters in New York can be brutal. Snow and ice can accumulate in dangerous amounts, leading to traffic gridlock on highways and slippery surface roads. The danger doesn't end when you're out of a vehicle, however. Many people every year suffer slip and fall accidents due to ice or snow that has not been removed by a property owner. Those accidents can be painful, costly, and financially devastating, depending on the extent of the injuries sustained during the fall.

If you were injured after slipping in a parking lot, sidewalk, or entranceway of a business, the company may be liable for the injuries you suffered. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to determine what recourse is available.

Businesses are responsible for removing snow and ice

Whether the business offers a full parking lot or just has a sidewalk outside their entrance, they are responsible for removing accumulated snow and ice to maintain safe passage for their clients and customers. When they fail to do so, and someone gets injured, the business is likely liable for the injuries that result from their negligence. If you have recently slipped and fallen inside or outside of a business, an attorney can help determine what your best next step will be. In some cases, it may be filing a claim with the company's insurance. In others, a civil lawsuit may be required.

Slip and fall injuries are common and serious

Slip and fall injuries are serious. Every year, over 8,000,000 people go to Emergency Rooms to seek care for fall-related injuries. Slip and falls represent over a million of those injuries, meaning that slip and fall injuries represent 12 percent of all total fall-related injuries. Some people who slip and fall experience broken bones, nerve damage, and soft tissue damage. Closed head injuries are also a possibility. If you have slipped and fallen, you may miss work for some time. You may need medical help, including trauma care and even physical therapy. That can result in real expenses for you.

An attorney can help you after a slip and fall accident

Initial consultations with attorneys are free, and consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to ensure that you know all your options. Some businesses may have their insurance company offer you a low settlement to avoid liability. You should absolutely have any settlement offer reviewed by an attorney before you accept it. In some cases, your attorney can negotiate with the business or their insurer for a better settlement. In others, they can help you through the process of pursuing civil litigation against the business to help ensure your bills are paid.

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