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  1. $3 Million Settlement

    Product Liability: 3rd degree burns sustained when an improperly designed stove tipped over on a young girl

  2. $5.5 Million

    jury verdict: in Saratoga County, the largest motor vehicle accident award in the county's history

  3. $2 Million Settlement

    to a baby and her parents after she suffered permanent kidney damage.

  4. $945,000 Settlement

    in Brooklyn: on behalf of an elderly man who suffered bed sores due to the negligence of both a hospital and a nursing home.

There are many causes of construction accidents and injuries

Working on a construction site can be enjoyable. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous at times, with many workers suffering serious injuries or even death as the result of an accident.

It's important for construction workers to understand the many potential accidents that lurk, including but not limited to the following:

  • Falls. There are many causes of falls on construction sites. For example, this can be the result of debris that was left to collect on the ground. It could also come into play if a person slips on scaffolding or a ladder.
  • Falling objects. When an object falls from above, such as from a roof, it could strike a worker below, thus causing a serious head, neck or brain injury.
  • Equipment accidents. Construction workers use all types of equipment, including power tools and forklifts, among others. A defective tool, for example, can cause a serious construction accident.
  • Building collapse. While not common, building collapses do occur. Anyone in close proximity to a building that falls could suffer a serious injury.
  • Repetitive motion injury. If you do the same job, day after day, a repetitive motion injury could set in at some point. These may not appear to be the most serious construction accidents, but they can cause pain, suffering and the inability to work.

If you or a loved one suffers a construction site injury, it's important to learn more about your legal rights. You don't want to assume that your injury was nothing more than a part of your job.

Depending on the circumstances, such as if another party was negligent, you may be able to file a construction accident claim with the idea of receiving compensation. The money you receive can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages and much more.

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